Past Work

Primary age learning garden

This garden was built with the help of pupils to create an outdoor classroom where they could have lessons and gardening clubs.  The children grow food, keep chickens and plant flowers to increase biodiversity.  They have achieved the RHS campaign for school gardening award level 4. Recycled and reused materials are used where possible and everything is grown organically.

Secondary learning garden

This garden was created with the help of students aged 16-18 years old to learn about growing food, conservation and increasing biodiversity.  The food they grow is taken to a local refugee group to provide a community service element. All materials used were recycled from the local area and the plants are grown organically.

Nursery bare foot walk

Built to provide a sensory outdoor area for nursery aged children, the bare foot walk provides an educational resource for teachers and additional play space. This can also be used as a fun feature in private gardens.

Courtyard reflection garden

This area provides additional space for pupils and staff to go for quiet reading and relaxation.  The plants are chosen carefully to give year round greenery and water is used to enhance the serenity.

Tyre Garden

Private garden created using recycled tyres.  Low maintenance planting to provide year round interest and provide areas for attracting wildlife.


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